Valentine wreath DIY...

Here's a tutorial how to make a Valentine wreath using foam hearts and scrapbook paper!!

All materials were purchased from Michael's! 


foam wreath
wire ribbon
foam hearts (came in an activity kit)
scrapbook paper (i used 2 sheets of thick glittery scrapbook paper..they are about as thick as cardboard)
glue gun/glue sticks

Before you get started on the wreath, use one of your foam hearts to trace hearts out on the scrapbook paper.  I ended up using 14 of the scrapbook paper hearts on this wreath, and only 7 of the foam hearts.

Now to get started on the wreath.. first attach your ribbon hanger to the foam wreath.  Your foam hearts will be glued on top of it, so it needs to go on first so that it will be underneath your hearts.  I used the glue gun to attach the ribbon to the wreath, as well as to fasten the ends of the ribbon together at the top.

Next, put one thin line of glue on the back of your foam heart, right down the middle as shown. Don't start at the very top, and don't go down to the very bottom. Also...do not cover the back of the heart with glue. This is important! (You'll see later on in the tutorial).  This is how you will glue all of your foam hearts on.

Place your first heart onto the foam wreath right on top of the ribbon. This will give you a starting point to center your other hearts.

Before gluing the other hearts on, space them out evenly around the wreath. Lift up one at a time, place one thin vertical line of glue down the back, then place it right back in its spot.

After I got all 7 foam hearts glued into place, I then used my pink glitter scrapbook hearts and glued one on top of each foam heart.  (Not shown).  You could do this prior to gluing down your foam hearts...  It works fine either way.

Now, I have 7 foam hearts on my wreath, and have covered each one with a pink glitter scrapbook paper heart...that became my top layer of hearts.  For my underneath layer of hearts, I used very light pink glitter paper hearts.  (This scrapbook paper is so thick, that I did not even bother to glue my underneath layer hearts to foam hearts, so I'm only sliding in the scrapbook paper hearts)

Slide your second layer of hearts right down in between 2 of your top layer hearts (as shown below).  This is why it was so important to only put a thin vertical line of glue down the top layer hearts, so that you can do this part.  It will slide all the way in, underneath your top layer hearts. 
In the above pic, I have my underneath layer almost halfway complete. I have 3 light pink hearts in so far. Continue to slide your underneath layer hearts in, working your way around the wreath.

After you get your 7 underneath hearts layered in, even them out so that the tops of both layers of hearts are equal. 

Then, make a bow out of your wire ribbon, and glue it to your top center heart, right under your handle.

Then, hang it up for display!!

Hope this tutorial is helpful!  

Stay tuned for the next latest Etsy shop find, coming up later today!!

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  1. I love how your wreath turned out! So cute! I'm a wreathaholic! Thanks for sharing the tutorial!

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    1. Thanks for your invite Kristi! Sorry I'm so late replying back! Love your site, I linked up to your party! =)

  5. Such a sweet wreath for Valentine's Day! Would you be willing to link this up to my Valentine Link Party going on now? I'd love to have you! Thanks, Michelle http://michellepaige.blogspot.com/2012/01/rockin-valentine-valentine-link-party.html

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    1. Hi Karianne! Thanks for the invite! Just linked up, and now have one of your buttons on my sidebar! Thanks for the button! =)

  8. That turned out AMAZING!!! Love it!!

    Would you mind posting it on my blog please??? :)

  9. Your wreath will be featured for Functional Friday tomorrow!

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  10. cute! I just picked up a load of foam circles at a thrift shop today for 10 cents each! woo hoo!!!

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  13. That is adorable!!! It's so easy too! I would never guess that it is scrapbook paper!!! :) I am having a link party if you want to join...

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    Warmly, Michelle

  19. So cute!! I love it!! I'm your newest follower...Thanks for linking up! Just checking, did you see my Lisa Leonard giveaway yet?

    XO, Aimee

    1. Thanks Amy! And thanks for letting me know about your giveaway! Just featured it for ya! =) Love the jewelry!!

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  21. How cute! Can I tell you how much I love easy projects like this?
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