DIY felt flower

If you are as in love with rosettes, fabric flowers, and felt flowers as I am, you will love this tutorial!  It's a super-easy two step process, then you have a simple but cute felt flower.  

All you need is a few sheets of felt, or if you're going to do all the same color, you really only need one sheet! For this particular felt flower, you need two sheets that are each a different color.  Use any color combination you want!  

You will cut out 3 circles, your first one bigger, your second one slightly smaller, and your third one even smaller. These 3 circles can be as big or as small as you want. Just make sure that your biggest circle and your smallest circle are the same color, and your middle circle is your different color.  Depending on what you're going to use your felt flower for, that will help you to determine how big or small to make your circles.  A flower embellishment for a shirt or bag might be bigger, whereas for a headband or hair clip, your flower should be a little smaller.
For this flower, the biggest circle and smallest circle are gray, and the medium size circle is light pink.  

Using a glue gun, glue your pink circle on top of your biggest gray circle.  Push down on the middle while the glue is drying/setting. This will create a slightly raised appearance for your middle circle.  

Repeat with the small circle.  Glue it to the top of your middle pink circle.  Press down on the middle.

You have a few options for what you could do for the top of your flower.  You could sew on a cute button, some small beads, or glue on a small rosette.  For my flower, I used a very small thin strip of pink felt, and rolled it up to create a small rosette. I glued it to the middle on the top.  Here's my finished product....

I attached mine to a small hairclip, but there's many things you could use your rosette for! They are fun to make and the color combination possibilites are endless!

Stay tuned for more finds later today!!

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