Felt Shamrock for St. Patty's Day!

Yesterday's project was a super-easy felt shamrock!  In-expensive simple crafts are the best!

 There's several ways you can make this, but here's how I made mine! 

Start out with 3 felt hearts, all the same size. How big they are does not matter, as long as they are the same size! Depending on what you want to use your shamrock for, you can size accordingly.  If you're going to attach it to a hair clip, make it a little smaller. But really, however you want to do it!

When I cut out my 3 hearts,  I left the bottom of the heart flat, but if you want you can cut out a regular heart with the point at the bottom!  

Then I took some lime green thread, and using a needle, threaded the lime thread around the edge of the heart, stopping when I got to the flat part.

Next, pinch the bottom of the heart together, as shown in the next pic!
 Using your needle and thread again, sew the two pinched sides of the heart together at the bottom.  

Once I did this to all 3 felt hearts, I worked on the stem, which is a rolled up piece of fabric.  Prepare your strip of fabric as if you were going to make a fabric rosette (tie a knot in one end.  Then twist your fabric.  Glue the twisted fabric down to a strip of felt. 
 Then trim excess felt from the sides.
This gives your shamrock stem a sturdy base.

Next, hot glue two of your felt hearts together at their lower sides, as shown in the pic below!
Glue your third heart on to be the right side petal of your shamrock. 

Then hot glue the top of your stem to the back of your shamrock, and trim the excess stem off!

Then you have a felt shamrock!

I'm not done with this one though, I have plans for what I'm going to put it on! Stay tuned!!

And stay tuned for more latest finds, and more printables!! 

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