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I have two great new products to share with you today!  I like to keep my home smelling fresh, so I was on the hunt for some new fragrances to fill the air throughout my house!  I was so glad to find some, and just had to share about them.  Not only do these fragrances smell wonderful, but they are long-lasting.  It's hard to find a long-lasting good fragrance, so I was so excited to find both of these components in the all new Glade® Expressions™  line.

One of their new products is the fragrance mist. 

new Glade® Expressions™ fragrance mist

I love the fragrance mist because of how long-lasting the fragrance in.  Also, the true to life fragrance just opens up my home, inviting life in!  I also love how the fragrance mist bottle is artfully designed.  It is pretty enough to fit any decor, which makes it a very convenient and stylish home-fragrance option.  It's very easy and comfortable to use, with it's squeeze-to-spray activation. Simple as well as gentle.  It is also refillable with any Glade® Expressions™ scent!

I love how easy it is to use, and I love the design and how it compliments any home decor. The design fits right in. I also love the fragrances!  They have a great variety of different fragrances, such as Pineapple & Mangosteen, Cotton & Italian Manderin, Fuji Apple & Cardimom Spice (only available for the Fragrance Mist), and Lavender & Juniper Berry.  I tend to go for apple scented fragrances, so I thought the Fugi Apple & Cardimom Spice would be my favorite.

Walmart.com - Glade Expressions Air Fresheners

 But ultimately, all of the fragrances are great, and they all ended up being my favorites.  They're perfect for any time of the year.  The light and airy Cotton & Italian Manderin is wonderful, and the relaxing Lavender & Juniper Berry is a treat to the senses.  I like them all! 

Another new  Glade® Expressions™ product is the Oil Diffuser.

new Glade® Expressions™ oil diffuser

I love the Oil Diffuser, because it too is long-lasting with true-to-life fragrances.  It really does seem to open up my house.  I love how it just lets life in with the fragrance. The fragrance also lasts 30 days, which is great.  I also love how it does not use any electricity! Definitely a plus for the electric bill!  The no-spill design of the Oil Diffuser also fits in well with any home decor, it's very decorative, making a nice addition to any room. I love how it looks in my living room!

Another great thing about Glade® is their fragrance satisfaction guarantee or your money back!  If you're not satisfied, simply fill out this form. Mail the original UPC and purchase receipt within 30 days.

I am definitely satisfied with my new Glade® Expressions™ products.  Not only are the fragrances wonderful, but they last, and the products look great in my home!

Also, there is a coupon for $1.50 off of any Glade® Expressions™ that can be used at Walmart to take advantage of their everyday low price! Just click on one of the links above (the Fragrance Mist or the Oil Diffuser link)  for the coupon! Love that deal!

Try out all of the new fragrances! You will most likely have more than one favorite!!

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