Wrapping Paper Wall Art

Welcome to part 3 of Spring Decorating on a Budget!

Decorating definitely does not have to be expensive.  We've been in our home for less than a year, so I still have a lot of decorating to do! Instead of spending a huge amount of money, I came up with some ideas to add to my decor without spending a ton!

In my last post from this series (part 2), I used damask print wrapping paper to re-do an old picture and make it useable again! You can view that post HERE.

In this segment, I'm using more of my wrapping paper! Instead of using it on old pictures, this time I picked up a few wooden wall plaques from the dollar store. 

I placed a plaque on the wrapping paper so that I could trace around the plaque. Wrapping paper side up and plaque side down. I did wrapping paper side up so that I could center the plaque with the design of the damask.
Notice in the above pic that the top corners of the plaque are both lined up with the tiny flowers. That way, the portion of the damask print that I cut out for the plaque will not be off-center.  If you pick a wrapping paper that's not quite so complex of a design or pattern, this part will be slightly easier!

I traced around the edges of the plaque in pencil, and then cut out the paper.
Then I took my materials outside with my Krylon spray adhesive.

It's tricky to apply the wrapping paper and even it up exactly to the edges of the plaque, due to the paper trying to roll up.  But I just started with the bottom end, got that lined up, and pushed the paper down onto the plaque, working my way up. 

Smooth down any bubbles or creases as you lay it down. With the adhesive spray I'm using, I was actually able to peel the wrapping paper back off when it wasn't completely lined up on the edges. Then I straightened it out, and laid it back down.  

But, I haven't quite decided how I'm going to display these! Either separately in different places...

Or together...

I have one long wall that I need to do something with, so I even thought of doing a third one and using them in a row on that long wall. It's still up for debate!

Hope everyone is having a great week so far!
Stay tuned for more latest finds, as well as decorating projects!

If you missed the other posts from the Spring Decorating on a Budget series, here's the links!


  1. Hi Ashley. These turned out so cute. That was a really great way to change up your art and it not being permanet makes it even better.

    Thanks for coming by Cotton Pickin Cute and entering the giveaway. I'm so glad to have you as a new follower. And since I really like your cute blog I'm your newest Linky follower too.

    Hugs…Tracy @ Cotton Pickin Cute

  2. The unused paper actually stores very easily, either in the corner of a closet or with the Christmas decorations so having and dealing with a lot of paper on hand isn't a difficult prospect at all.Nounours Géant


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