Room re-arranging & TV placement

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    The past few weeks we've been doing some rearranging of furniture! We've been in our new house almost a year now, and I'm already changing around our den.  I was so excited to have a fireplace with a nice pretty white mantle to decorate! I had many plans for our new mantle when we moved in last Summer. I could already picture it all decked out at Christmas with garland, lights, and a wreath.  But...after some debate between the hubby and me, we ended up filling up my pretty new mantle with our tv. 

Needless to say, I have not been happy with our tv up there.  Not only did it take up my new mantle that I had been waiting for, but it's just too high! My husband is taller than me, so he does not notice the height as much.  But me...I have to look up to see the tv, and that's not comfortable!

The main reason for re-arranging the furniture was to see if there was any other spot in the den I could have the couch or recliner and be happy with the tv placement way up high above the mantle. While we did not come up with that solution, I came across pop up tv cabinets

These cabinets actually conceal your tv by lowering it into the furniture when not in use.  Then with the touch of a button, your tv is raised up and ready for viewing.  I like how the cabinets come with shelving for your blu-ray players, dvd players, game consoles, anything you want to fit into your cabinet.

The cabinets come in so many different styles, and have been designed to fit particular periods of style...such as Georgian or Tudor.  They also have modern white ones which will fit in perfectly and match my white mantle and molding.

This way I can have my mantle back, and our tv will be the perfect height on one of these cabinets.  Best of all, when the tv is not in use, it's out of sight down in the cabinet...and the cabinet in itself is a nice piece of furniture to have in my decor.  

It's a win-win...pop up tv cabinets that hold our tv at the perfect height, and I have my mantle to decorate for Christmas!

I think I've come up with a new place for our couch as well.  It's been a re-arranging last few weeks! So...which room to re-arrange next?

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