Sno Cap Chip Cookies

Hi Latest Find readers! 
Hope everyone is having a great August so far!

This recipe (though not really a recipe) is actually from a month ago, I'm just now getting around to posting it! This summer has been a huge traveling season for us, with more on the way. 

 Our most fun trip (Disney!) is coming up in another month or so! Really looking forward to taking my little ones, and hoping they will actually get on some rides and not be so afraid! Let's just say that a blow up bouncy house at last weekend's block party was not too popular with my kids.  I'm sure the Disney rides will be loads better (and less scary). Right?

Anyway, I was eating a box of these one night...
 and started thinking how they are just like chocolate chips, but with sprinkles.  So...why not use these as chocolate chips?

I would have gone straight into a chocolate chip cookies recipe, but thought of my husband who is not a huge fan of chocolate chip cookies (is that possible?), so I pulled up a peanut butter cookies recipe.  Anything is better with chocolate, so I will often add chocolate chips to a recipe for peanut butter cookies.  

But in this case, the chocolate chips were sno caps! I honestly thought the sno caps would melt and you wouldn't even be able to tell they were sno caps instead of chocolate chips.
But, to my surprise...
It worked, though the sno caps seemed to melt less than regular chocolate chips. Great in the fact that you can still tell that they're sno caps, but not so great for the gooey chocolate effect (yummm).

So, for a fun change-up from standard chocolate chips, use sno caps!

Stay tuned for more finds, and also an upcoming announcement about an entire week of digital freebies later this month!!

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