Free Binder Covers With DIY Tutorial

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Today's freebie is a set of binder cover printable images along with some instructions on how to type on them!

These are 8.5x11 and can be used by printing and slipping inside the clear covering that covers most three ring binders.  Not all binders come with that clear covering, so make sure to get one that does.  After printing just slip it down into the top of the clear covering. These also come with printable spine sheets with color coordinating spines for 1 inch width, 1.5 inch width, and 2 inch width binders.

These could be used for any type of binders...lesson plans, calendar planners, recipe binders, school subject binders, etc! Or use them as binder section dividers inside the binder!

As far as labeling the binders, one option is to use a colored permanent marker after printing. 
To type on them prior to print with a cute font is possible too!

Now these are JPG images rather than PDF documents, so they do not have editable text. But they can still be typed on, even without a fancy design program like Illustrator or Photoshop Elements! In fact, no program needed.

Here's how (and it's free!)...

1. Head to PicMonkey website (www.picmonkey.com). It's a website for typing on images! We love it.
2. Click "edit" near the top of the screen.
3. Find your binder cover file to load it.
4. Once your file comes up on the website, click on the "Tt" text tool at the left of the screen. 
5. Now that you see a list of cute fonts to choose from, you'll want to click on the "add text" rectangle at the top of that list.
6. Now you've got a text box on your image! It can be moved as well as made bigger or smaller.
7. Choose from the list of fonts and click the one you want to use. Lower down in the list you'll notice that some of them have a little crown next to them, which does require a membership to the website.  But all the ones without a crown are totally free!
8.  Type in your text box and get it sized and centered how you want it.
9. Change the color of your text by using the color box to the right.
10. Once you've got your text how you want it, you'll find a "save" button near the top left bar of the screen next to a square shaped arrow.
11. Choose your resolution (I always choose the largest to ensure a pretty print once complete) and save it to your computer!

Here's what it looks like while you're editing, I've circled in red some of the important areas to look for when you're adding text:

I love this method for adding text as there are no limitations to exactly where the text can go.  The text box can be put exactly where you want it, in the exact size you want it! What I love most is that it's free, with no programs to need or have to download.

Click the ribbon below to grab this set of five freebie anchor binder covers for personal use!

{If for any reason you find that the download folder is empty or the link is expired, send us a message at lillyashleyetsy@hotmail.com with a link to this post so we can get it fixed pronto. Many thanks!!}

For more binder covers, you'll find free sets here on the website, as well as a variety of options in our design shop!

PicMonkey could be used to type on any of these, as all of the sets are images rather than documents.

Enjoy today's freebies, and be sure to check back with us soon for more free downloads!

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