Styled Social Media Icons

Click on any group below, and it will take you to the codes!

Note that the pics below may not reflect the actual size of the icons, some are larger than actual size to get a good view of what the icons look like!

 Dotted Yellow {2 sizes}

Gray Ribbon {1 size}

Gray Quatrefoil Flag {2 sizes}

Stitched Gray Icons {1 size, 3 shades of gray}

Stitched Aqua Icons {1 size, 3 shades of blue}

Stitched Icons in Gray, Blue, & Yellow {1 size, 3 colors}

Stitched Icons in Fall Colors {1 size, 3 colors}
Stitched Icons in Retro Fall Colors {1 size, 4 colors}
Stitched Icons in Pink,Aqua Mint,Orange, & Yellow Lime
  Stitched Icons in Pink Tones
Pink Label Icons {1 size}

More coming, check back! A Blogger tutorial for linking these icons to your social media URLs can be found at the bottom of --->THIS<--- post!
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  2. I love your social media icons! I was so excited to find them and to be able to use them!!

  3. Thank-you so much for these adorable icons they look great on my blog!

  4. I love your icons and just added them to my blog! You're very talented! Thank you so much for offering your services for free and making it super easy to install! Blessings

  5. I love your icons, and have them on my blog, but now it has a photobucket ad instead of the image. any thoughts? ty

  6. thank you so much for these super helpful social media icons, as well as the clear instructions on how to go about integrating thel to your blog!!
    i don't get much traffic on mine yet, but i still placed your tag in my sidebar/
    thank you!


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