Creating Digital Party Invitations to Sell

 Hello and welcome! If you're just joining in, we are continuing our series on creating digital products to sell on Etsy or other platforms! We have been looking into the how-to's for the creating of the digital products to sell, as well as a ton of ideas of digital products you can sell!

Today we are talking about printable party invitations!

Creating and selling party invitations can be a fun and profitable venture. 


Here's a step-by-step guide on how to create these digital products.

Step 1: Identify Your Niche

- Determine your target audience and the type of party invitations you want to create (e.g., birthdays, weddings, baby showers, or themed events).

Step 2: Select Your Design Tools

- Choose the design software or tools you're comfortable with, such as Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, or even user-friendly platforms like Canva.

Step 3: Design Your Invitation

- Design the party invitation, including details like the event's date, time, location, RSVP information, and any other relevant details.

- Consider the theme and style of the event, and incorporate appropriate colors and graphics.

Step 4: Customize the Template

- Create a customizable template that allows customers to add their specific event details. Use fillable text fields for names, dates, and other personalized information.

Step 5: Select Appropriate Dimensions

- Choose common invitation dimensions, like 5x7 inches or 4x6 inches, for your design.

Step 6: Include High-Quality Images

- Use high-resolution images and graphics to ensure the design looks sharp when printed.

Step 7: Proofread and Edit

- Carefully proofread your invitation for spelling and grammatical errors. Make sure all the information is accurate.

Step 8: Save the Design

- Save the design as a high-quality, printable file format, typically JPEG or PNG.

Step 9: Create Listings

- Set up a shop on an online platform like Etsy and create listings for your party invitations.

- Upload images of your invitations, write compelling titles and descriptions, and set competitive prices.

Step 10: Market and Promote

- Promote your Etsy shop and invitations through social media, email marketing, and other online channels.

- Engage with potential customers and respond to their inquiries promptly.

Step 11: Customer Service

- Provide excellent customer service by addressing customer questions and concerns promptly.


1. Creative Outlet: Designing party invitations allows you to express your creativity and design skills.

2. Passive Income: Once created and listed, party invitations can generate passive income as customers purchase and download them.

3. Low Overhead: Minimal overhead costs are involved since there are no physical materials, printing, or shipping expenses.

4. Customization: Customers can personalize your templates with their event details, adding value to your product.

5. Global Reach: Selling online, especially on platforms like Etsy, allows you to reach a global audience of potential buyers.

6. Special Occasions: Party invitations cater to a wide range of special occasions, ensuring a steady demand.

7. Quick Turnaround: The digital nature of the products means you can create, list, and sell them quickly.

8. No Inventory: There's no need to hold inventory or deal with stock management. All products are digital.

9. Eco-Friendly: Selling digital products is environmentally friendly, as it eliminates the need for physical materials and shipping.

10. Seasonal and Trend-Responsive: You can create and sell invitations that are seasonally or trend-responsive, keeping your shop fresh and appealing.

11. Community and Support: Online platforms like Etsy offer a supportive community of creators and resources to help you succeed.

12. Diverse Customer Base: Party invitations are in demand among individuals planning a wide variety of events.

Now, what kind of invitations to create? Naturally, the first thing we think of is birthday party invitations.  While that is probably number one at the top of the list, there actually is a whole list of types of party invitations you can create!


For your convenience, we have created two lists you can pin to save these ideas!

There is such a wide variety of party invitations to create and sell, catering to different occasions and themes. Here are some ideas for types of party invitations you could create and sell:

1. Birthday Invitations: These can range from child and teen birthday party invitations to milestone birthdays for adults.

2. Wedding Invitations: Design elegant and customizable wedding invitations for different wedding themes and styles.

3. Baby Shower Invitations: Create adorable baby shower invites for gender reveal parties, traditional showers, or themed events.

4. Bridal Shower Invitations: Offer invitations for bridal showers and bachelorette parties with various themes.

5. Holiday Party Invitations: Design invitations for Christmas, New Year's, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and other holiday gatherings.

6. Graduation Party Invitations: Customizable invitations for high school and college graduations.

7. Anniversary Invitations: Create invites for milestone anniversaries, such as 25th and 50th.

8. Retirement Party Invitations: Design invitations to celebrate retirement and new beginnings.

9. Themed Party Invitations: Offer a variety of invitations tailored to specific themes, such as luau, Hollywood, or masquerade.

10. Kids' Party Invitations: Develop a range of kid-friendly invitations for themes like superheroes, princesses, pirates, and more.

11. Seasonal Party Invitations: Craft invitations for seasonal events, including summer BBQs, fall harvest parties, and spring picnics.

12. Engagement Party Invitations: Offer customizable invites for engagement parties and pre-wedding celebrations.

13. Housewarming Invitations: Create invitations for housewarming parties and welcome new neighbors to the community.

14. Sports Party Invitations: Design invitations for sports-themed parties and gatherings, like Super Bowl parties.

15. Dinner Party Invitations: Offer stylish and elegant invitations for intimate dinner parties.

16. Surprise Party Invitations: Craft invitations that build anticipation for surprise parties, with clever design elements.

17. Costume Party Invitations: Create fun and imaginative invitations for costume and fancy-dress parties.

18. Pool Party Invitations: Design invitations with a refreshing and summery feel for poolside gatherings.

19. Family Reunion Invitations: Craft invitations for family reunions, complete with customizable details for each event.

20. Corporate Event Invitations: Offer professional, business-appropriate invitations for corporate events and parties.

Remember to tailor your invitations to different age groups, styles, and themes, and make sure they're customizable with event-specific details. High-quality graphics and designs will make your invitations more appealing to potential customers.

Selling party invitations can be a fulfilling way to share your design skills and contribute to people's special occasions while enjoying the benefits of a digital, flexible, and eco-friendly business model.

Check back with us soon for more tips and ideas for digital products YOU can start selling TODAY! 


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Creating Printable Art Quotes to Sell

Hey there and welcome back to our full course on digital products to sell on Etsy or other platforms! We have been looking into the how-to's for creating digital products to sell, as well as a ton of ideas of digital products you can sell!

Today we're talking about printable art quotes!

printable art quotes

Creating printable art quotes is a creative way to produce wall art that can be sold on platforms like Etsy. 

Feel free to grab our free printable art quote above! Click on the image, then right click to "save as".


Here's a step-by-step guide on how to create these digital art pieces, along with some examples:

Step 1: Choose a Theme or Style

- Decide on the theme or style you want for your printable art quotes. It could be inspirational, motivational, funny, or themed around a specific topic (e.g., love, travel, or nature).

Step 2: Select Your Design Tools

- Choose the design software or tools you're comfortable with. Options include Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or even free tools like Canva.

Step 3: Create Your Quote

- Select a quote that fits your chosen theme. Ensure it's short, impactful, and aligns with your target audience.

- You can write your own quotes or use well-known quotes by famous authors, philosophers, or public figures.

Step 4: Design the Art

- Create a visually appealing design around the quote. This can involve typography, color schemes, and any additional design elements that enhance the quote's message.

- Experiment with font styles, sizes, and layouts to make the text stand out.

Step 5: Choose the Dimensions

- Determine the dimensions for your printable art. Common sizes include 8x10 inches, 11x14 inches, and 16x20 inches. Ensure your design fits these dimensions.

Step 6: Use High-Quality Images

- Use high-resolution images (at least 300 DPI) for sharp and clear prints. Ensure your images are not pixelated.

Step 7: Copyright Considerations

- If you're using quotes or artwork created by others, ensure you have the necessary rights or licenses to use them in your design.

- If you create your own art, consider copyrighting it to protect your work.

Step 8: Proofread and Edit

- Carefully proofread your quote for spelling and grammatical errors. Ensure the design is balanced and aesthetically pleasing.

Step 9: Save the Design

- Save your design in a high-quality and printable format, typically JPEG or PNG.

Step 10: Create Listings

- Set up a shop on Etsy if you haven't already and create listings for your printable art quotes.

- Upload images of your art, write compelling titles, descriptions, and set competitive prices.

Step 11: Market and Promote

- Use social media, email marketing, and other online channels to promote your Etsy shop and art quotes.

- Engage with potential customers and respond to their inquiries promptly.

Step 12: Customer Service

- Provide excellent customer service by addressing customer questions and concerns promptly.


Here's a short list of examples for quotes to use on printables!

1. Inspirational Quote: "Success is not measured by the heights you reach, but by the obstacles you overcome with unwavering determination."

2. Motivational Quote: "Every step forward, no matter how small, brings you closer to your dreams. Keep moving, keep believing, and soon you'll see the extraordinary results of your persistence."

3. Love Quote: "Love is not just a word, but the very essence of us, woven into every moment we share."

4. Travel Quote: "Adventure is the compass that leads us to the extraordinary."

5. Nature Quote: "Nature's beauty is a masterpiece that never hangs in a gallery but is always on display for those who take the time to look."

6. Funny Quote: "Coffee, because adulting is hard."

7. Self-Love Quote: "Embrace yourself like a rare gem, for within you lies a treasure trove of worth, waiting to be discovered and cherished."

These examples illustrate various themes and styles you can use as inspiration when creating your printable art quotes. The key is to create designs that resonate with your target audience and convey a meaningful message.

Check back with us soon for more tips and ideas for digital products YOU can start selling TODAY! 


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Create Digital Planner Templates to Sell

Thank you for joining us as we continue our series ALL ABOUT digital products to sell! The best can do it all from the comfort of your own home! Times are so different now, and the resources of computers and the internet make literally anything possible. The possibilities truly are endless, and today we are going to dive into digital planner templates.

Creating and selling digital planner templates on Etsy can be a lucrative venture. 

Let's look at the how-to, and then we will go over types of digital planners that customers often seek.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to create these templates. 


Step 1: Research and Define Your Niche

- Start by researching the digital planner market on Etsy. Identify popular themes and styles.

- Choose a niche or specific target audience for your digital planners (e.g., students, professionals, moms, fitness enthusiasts).

Step 2: Choose Your Software

- Select the software you're comfortable with for creating digital planners. Adobe InDesign, PowerPoint, or even specialized digital planner software like GoodNotes are common choices. Canva is pretty much ALWAYS the perfect go-to for building and designing any sort of digital product.

Step 3: Create a Basic Template

- Design a basic template layout with pages like a cover, monthly and weekly spreads, note pages, and section dividers.

- Consider adding elements like hyperlinked tabs, buttons, and interactive checkboxes for user convenience.

Canva even has built in planning templates that can be edited and used to suit your niche! All put together for you, the hard work has already been done! Simply change it (colors, text, possibly layout, titles, dates) to suit the theme you are going for, and even add in graphic elements (Canva has a ton!). So don't get hung up on what to have on the template, the layout, or even what it should look like. Choose from some already made templates! Be sure to change it up slightly to go with your theme.

Step 4: Customize Page Designs

- Customize the design of your planner pages to suit your chosen niche. For example:

    - Student Planners: Include academic calendars, assignment trackers, and exam schedules.

    - Fitness Planners: Incorporate workout logs, meal planning sections, and progress trackers.

    - Business Planners: Add sections for goal setting, project management, and budget tracking.

    - Mom Planners: Include family calendars, meal planning, and to-do lists tailored to parents.

    - Wellness Planners: Design pages for gratitude journals, mood tracking, and self-care routines.

Step 5: Set Up Hyperlinks and Navigation

- If applicable, set up hyperlinks within your digital planner to allow users to easily navigate between sections and pages. If you're not familiar with this process, we highly recommend diving into the plethora of YouTube tutorials that are fabulous at walking you through from start to finish.  We can't speak highly enough of these super helpful tutorials that will have you an expert at this in no time.

Step 6: Add Functional Elements

- Implement interactive features like checkboxes, fillable text fields, and digital stickers that users can customize.

- Ensure that all elements are user-friendly and intuitive.

Step 7: Proofread and Test

- Thoroughly proofread and test your digital planner to catch any errors or glitches.

Step 8: Save Your Planner

- Save your digital planner as a PDF or compatible file format.

Step 9: Create Additional Versions

- Offer various versions of your planner to cater to different preferences, such as dated and undated options, different color schemes, and layouts.

Step 10: Set Up Your Etsy Shop

- Create or optimize your Etsy shop and add relevant information, including a shop banner, logo, and shop policies.

Step 11: Create Listings

- Create listings for your digital planner templates. Use high-quality images and detailed descriptions.

- Specify any software or app requirements for using your templates.

Step 12: Price Your Digital Planners

- Research the pricing of similar products on Etsy and set competitive prices based on the complexity and features of your planners.

Step 13: Market Your Shop

- Promote your Etsy shop and digital planners through social media, email marketing, and other online channels.

- Engage with potential customers and answer their questions promptly.

Step 14: Provide Excellent Customer Service

- Be responsive to customer inquiries and offer support when needed.

- Consider providing user guides or tutorials to help customers get the most out of your digital planners.

Step 15: Continuously Improve and Update

- Pay attention to customer feedback and make necessary improvements to your digital planners.

- Regularly update your listings with new designs and features to attract repeat buyers.

Popular types of digital planner templates include daily, weekly, and monthly planners, specialized planners for tracking specific goals or activities (e.g., fitness, finance, health, or travel), and bullet journal-style planners with customizable layouts.


Pin-able lists to save these ideas!

Now let's focus on examples of digital planner templates that are popular and in demand on platforms like Etsy.

1. Classic Daily Planner: A digital daily planner template with sections for hourly scheduling, to-do lists, and notes. It often includes a calendar view.

2. Weekly Planner: Weekly planner templates offer a snapshot of an entire week with space for goal-setting, task lists, and notes.

3. Monthly Planner: These templates provide a view of the entire month, featuring space for monthly goals, important dates, and habit tracking.

4. Academic Planner: Tailored for students, academic planners include sections for class schedules, assignment tracking, exam dates, and project management.

5. Fitness and Health Planner: Designed for tracking workouts, meal planning, water intake, and health goals. Some may include weight and measurement logs.

6. Business Planner: These templates cater to entrepreneurs and professionals, offering sections for goal setting, project management, financial tracking, and business-related notes.

7. Meal Planner: Meal planner templates help users plan their weekly or monthly meals, including grocery lists, recipe pages, and nutritional information.

8. Budget and Finance Planner: Financial planners include budget tracking, expense logs, savings goals, and debt repayment plans.

9. Travel Planner: Perfect for vacation planning, these templates include itineraries, packing lists, and travel-related expenses.

10. Mom Planner: Designed for busy parents, these planners often feature family calendars, meal planning sections, and to-do lists for managing household tasks.

11. Wellness and Self-Care Planner: These planners focus on mindfulness, gratitude journals, mood tracking, and self-care routines.

12. Project Planner: Ideal for managing personal or work projects, they offer project timelines, task lists, and goal-setting pages.

13. Wedding Planner: Wedding planners help brides and grooms organize their big day with sections for guest lists, vendor information, and wedding day timelines.

14. Holiday and Event Planner: These planners are tailored for planning special occasions like holidays, birthdays, and parties, featuring guest lists, shopping lists, and decor planning.

15. Goal and Habit Tracker: Designed to help users set and track personal and professional goals and habits over time.

16. Bullet Journal-Style Planner: These templates offer blank or dotted pages for a highly customizable, creative planning experience.

17. Gratitude Journal: Focused on daily or weekly gratitude practice, these templates encourage reflection and positivity.

18. Home and Garden Planner: Useful for planning home improvement projects, gardening, and household maintenance.

19. Personal Development Planner: Designed for personal growth and self-improvement, with sections for goal-setting, self-reflection, and progress tracking.

20. Coloring and Creative Journal: These planners include coloring pages and creative prompts for artistic expression.

These are just a few examples of the many digital planner templates available. The key to success is to create templates that cater to specific needs and offer features that make planning and organization more efficient and enjoyable for users.

People look for digital planner templates that offer organization, convenience, and aesthetic appeal. Interactive features, customization options, and user-friendly navigation are highly sought after. By catering to the needs and preferences of your target audience, you can create digital planner templates that sell well on Etsy.

Check back with us soon as we continue our dive into more possibilities of digital products you can sell to start building your business!


Create Printables to Sell on Etsy


side hustle for moms

Having been in the printables business for over 10 years, we can vouch that there is money to be made! Creating printable wall art to sell on Etsy is a great way to share your artistic talent or help others using your areas of expertise, and potentially earn extra income!


Here's a step-by-step guide on how to create printable wall art on Etsy:

Step 1: Define Your Niche and Style

   - Identify your target audience and choose a specific niche or theme for your art.

   - Develop a unique and consistent style that sets your work apart.

Step 2: Choose Your Art Tools

   - Invest in the necessary software and tools. Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or free alternatives like Canva are popular choices for digital art creation. We also love Creative endless aray of backgrounds, clipart, and fonts for so many different styles and themes!!

   - Acquire a graphics tablet if you plan to create hand-drawn art digitally.

Step 3: Create Your Artwork

   - Start creating your digital art, keeping in mind the dimensions required for printable wall art (common sizes are 8x10, 11x14, and 16x20 inches). Canva is the perfect canvas for bringing your printables to life. It has built in text feature as well as backgrounds and clipart.  It literally does have all you need to create and sell same day! Create multiple pages all at once, and save them to your computer all at the same time.

   - Use high-resolution images (at least 300 DPI) to ensure print quality.

   - Experiment with colors, composition, and typography to make your art visually appealing.

Step 4: Licensing and Copyright

   - If you use any resources like fonts, images, or brushes, ensure you have the appropriate licenses or permissions to use them in your artwork.

   - Avoid using copyrighted material unless you have the rights to do so.

Step 5: Design Your Listings

   - Create a clean and attractive listing image for each piece of wall art.

   - Write compelling titles, descriptions, and keywords for your listings, optimizing them for search on Etsy.

Step 6: Pricing Your Art

   - Research similar products on Etsy to determine competitive pricing for your artwork.

   - Consider factors like the complexity of your design, your level of expertise, and the time invested when setting your prices.

Step 7: File Formatting

   - Save your artwork in a high-quality, printable format such as JPEG or PNG. For document style printables, PDF is preferable.

   - Create different size options if possible and specify in your listings.

Step 8: Set Up an Etsy Shop

   - If you don't already have one, create an Etsy seller account and set up your shop.

   - Add a shop name, banner, and profile information that reflects your brand.

Step 9: Listing Your Art

   - Add a new listing for each piece of wall art you want to sell.

   - Upload the image file, set your prices, and specify the sizes available.

   - Include relevant tags and categories to help potential buyers find your products.

Step 10: Payment and Delivery

   - Choose your preferred payment methods for receiving payments from Etsy buyers.

   - Set up digital delivery for your printable files. Etsy provides an automated system for this.

Step 11: Marketing and Promotion

   - Promote your Etsy shop through social media, your blog, or other online platforms.

   - Engage with your audience, respond to customer inquiries, and provide excellent customer service.

Step 12: Monitor and Refine

   - Keep an eye on your shop's performance and sales.

   - Gather customer feedback and use it to refine your art and shop.


in addition to wall art, there's endless possibilities of printables you can sell on Etsy.  We compiled all these ideas into two pin-able lists to make it simple and easy to grab!


Here's a list of types of printables that are popular on the platform:

1. Wall Art Prints: Digital artwork and designs for home decor.

2. Planners and Organizers: Daily, weekly, and monthly planners, as well as specialized planners for various purposes.

3. Printable Art Quotes: Inspirational and motivational quotes in artistic designs.

4. Party Invitations: Customizable invitations for birthdays, weddings, baby showers, and other events.

5. Wedding Stationery: Save-the-date cards, wedding invitations, seating charts, and place cards.

6. Digital Journal Pages: Printable pages for bullet journals and digital notebooks.

7. Printable Labels and Tags: Customizable labels and tags for organizing and gifting.

8. Educational Worksheets: Worksheets for teachers and homeschooling parents, covering various subjects.

9. Budgeting and Finance Templates: Expense trackers, budget planners, and financial management tools.

10. Recipe Cards: Printable recipe cards and cookbooks.

11. Checklists and To-Do Lists: Customizable checklists and task organizers.

12. Printable Coloring Pages: Adult and children's coloring pages with unique designs.

13. Cross-Stitch and Embroidery Patterns: Patterns for crafters to use in cross-stitch and embroidery projects.

14. Photo Booth Props: Printable props for events and parties.

15. Resume Templates: Professionally designed resume and CV templates.

16. Scrapbooking Kits: Digital elements for scrapbook enthusiasts.

17. Baby Milestone Cards: Cards to document and celebrate a baby's milestones.

18. Printable Games and Puzzles: Games like Sudoku, crossword puzzles, and board games.

19. Travel Planners: Itineraries, packing lists, and travel-themed organization tools.

20. Printable Calendars: Monthly and yearly calendars in various designs.

21. Home Decor Templates: Templates for creating custom home decor items like banners and signs.

22. Fitness and Health Trackers: Workout logs, meal planners, and health-related printables.

23. Digital Art Brushes and Tools: Resources for graphic designers, including brushes and textures.

24. Personal Development Printables: Goal setting, habit trackers, and personal growth worksheets.

25. Legal and Business Documents: Templates for contracts, invoices, and other business-related documents.

26. Event Planning Templates: Checklists, timelines, and event planning resources.

27. Gift Certificate Templates: Customizable gift certificates and vouchers.

28. Color Schemes and Palettes: Digital color schemes for designers and artists.

29. Holiday and Seasonal Printables: Seasonal decorations, cards, and themed printables.

30. Social Media Templates: Templates for social media posts, stories, and banners.

These printables cater to various interests and needs, making Etsy a versatile platform for creators to sell their digital products to a global audience.

Deciding what to create can feel daunting. Explore your interests and areas where you excel:  

If you're organized and like to make lists, organizational checklists may be just for you. To-do lists, grocery lists, shopping lists, cleaning lists, etc. may be right up your alley. Create ones that you would use and find helpful...meanwhile put them on Etsy for sale! If you find them useful, others are sure to find them useful as well. 

Are you good with cooking, baking, or organizing recipes? Share your recipes... or even recipe cards where others can record their recipes. Create a recipe card in a format that YOU find organized and easy to use, and it is sure to benefit others as well. Digital recipe books do well on Etsy. Research what's out there for inspiration, and YouTube is your best friend when it comes to invaluable step-by-step tutorials to create larger projects such as digital recipe books. You could literally create an entire cookbook right in Canva!

Do you have teaching experience? Are you a homeschool mama? If you create practice worksheets for your own children, it could be a blessing to others looking for educational resources for their students as well.  Letter practice, handwriting practice, bible verse practice, numbers practice, and more! All of these would be helpful resources, and the simplicity of being able to print them immediately from home is sure to appeal to educators/educator mamas.

Do you have any expertise in the legal or real estate industry? There are documents and forms sure to do well for those in these fields looking for additional resources. Research what's out there currently for inspiration.

Selling printable wall art on Etsy can be a fulfilling and profitable venture for artists and creators. By following these steps and consistently creating high-quality, unique art, you can build a successful Etsy shop that resonates with your target audience. Explore your skills, interests, and your own areas of expertise to help you decide on what to create. Of all possibilities of products to sell on Etsy, printables is one of our favorites. 

Stay tuned as we get ready to dive into more product ideas for selling on Etsy. coming at you next week!

Check out our general guide to selling on Etsy here: Lilly Ashley: Guide To Starting an Etsy Shop + IDEAS (


Guide To Starting an Etsy Shop + IDEAS


how to start an Etsy shop


Opening an Etsy shop can be a game-changer for stay-at-home moms seeking a rewarding side hustle. Selling digital products, in particular, offers numerous advantages for these moms aiming to contribute to their family's income:

1. Flexibility:  Etsy allows you to work on your terms. You can create and manage your shop around your family's schedule, making it perfect for juggling childcare and other responsibilities.

2. Low Overhead:  Digital products require minimal investment – no need for materials, shipping, or storage. This keeps your expenses low, maximizing your profit potential.

3. Creative Outlet:  It's an opportunity to showcase your skills and passions, whether it's graphic design, crafting, or knowledge sharing. You can transform your hobbies into a profitable venture.

4. Passive Income:  Once your digital products are created and listed, they can continue to generate income without constant supervision. This passive income can be especially valuable for stay-at-home moms.

5. Wider Audience:  Etsy offers access to a global customer base. Your digital products can reach customers from around the world, significantly expanding your market.

6. Supportive Community:  Etsy's community is filled with resources, forums, and fellow sellers who can provide guidance and encouragement as you grow your business.

7. Fulfillment:  Knowing that you're contributing to your family's finances while maintaining your role as a caregiver can be incredibly fulfilling. It's a source of pride and a confidence booster.

Opening an Etsy shop to sell digital products can definitely be an ideal side hustle for stay-at-home moms. It provides the flexibility, creative outlet, and income potential they need to support their families while still being present for their loved ones.  



Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing...

1.  Printable Art:  Designs for wall art, posters, and prints that customers can download and print at home.

2.  Digital Planner Templates:  Customizable digital planners and organizers for various purposes like daily, weekly, or monthly planning.

3.  Clipart and Illustrations:  Digital illustrations, clipart, and graphics for use in creative projects and design work.

4.  Logo Designs:  Custom logo templates for businesses and individuals.

5.  Printable Stationery:  Digital stationery sets, including invitations, notecards, and letterheads.

6.  Social Media Templates:  Templates for social media posts, stories, and banners, designed for various platforms.

7.  Ebooks and Guides:  Self-published ebooks, guides, and tutorials on a wide range of topics.

8. Resume Templates:  Professionally designed resume templates for job seekers.

9. SVG Cut Files:  Files for use with cutting machines like Cricut or Silhouette, for crafting and vinyl projects.

10.  Digital Photography Presets:  Filters and presets for enhancing photos, suitable for photographers and social media enthusiasts.

11. Digital Patterns:  Seamless digital patterns for use in graphic design, textiles, and scrapbooking.

12. Digital Scrapbooking Kits:  Elements and templates for digital scrapbooking projects.

13. Fonts and Typography:  Unique fonts and typography for graphic designers and creative projects.

14. Educational Printables:  Educational materials for teachers and homeschoolers, including worksheets and lesson plans.

15. Recipe Cards:  Printable recipe cards and cookbooks.

16. SVG Monograms:  Personalized monogram designs for various applications.

17. Wedding Templates:  Wedding invitations, save-the-date cards, and other wedding-related templates.

18. Budgeting Spreadsheets:  Customizable financial and budgeting templates.

19. Journals and Planners:  Digital versions of journals, diaries, and specialized planners for specific purposes.

20. Cross-Stitch Patterns:  Digital patterns for cross-stitch and embroidery projects.

21. Clipart and Stickers:  Digital clipart and stickers for use in digital scrapbooking or crafting.

22. PowerPoint Templates:  Professional PowerPoint presentation templates for businesses and individuals.

23. Calendars:  Printable digital calendars in various styles and themes.

24. Coloring Pages:  Digital coloring pages for relaxation and art therapy.

25. Cheat Sheets and Quick Reference Guides:  Handy reference materials on various topics.

So much information! Don't worry.. we created two ready-made pin-able lists you can grab (pin) to remember all of this! All written out for you!

digital products to sell on Etsy

digital products to sell on Etsy

These digital products cater to a wide range of interests and needs, making Etsy a versatile platform for creators to sell their digital items.

We hope this guide is helpful and inspiring to you! If you decide to start up a shop, or if you have a shop already, please leave us a link to your shop in the comments so we can all support you! 

Best of luck in your new venture, you've got this!! Stay tuned for our upcoming how-to's as we dig into some of these product possibilities... create to sell!

Also... a shout out to Lilly Ashley Wraps! If you're in need of beautiful printable sublimation templates for tumblers, they've got you covered!