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Tutorial...Attaching fabric flowers to hair accessories...

This is a continuation from my fabric/felt flower embellishments tutorial which you can find HERE. The last tutorial was on creating flower embellishments for headbands and hair accessories.
Today's tutorial is on attaching the flowers to your hair clips or headbands. 

pre-made fabric flowers
hair clips and/or headbands
hot glue gun

I got all my hair accessories at Michael's.

First is to cut out 2 circles from your sheet of felt.

 You want your felt circles to be about the same size, and slightly smaller than your fabric flower, so that the felt does not show under the flower. In the above pic, i have turned my fabric flower upside down because I will be gluing the felt circle to the back.

Using your hot glue gun, glue one of the felt circles to the back of your fabric flower.

Your other felt circle will be glued to your hair clip as a base for your fabric flower.
Glue it to the inside of the top of the hair clip.  Make sure to hold the clip open while the glue is drying, so that the felt does not stick to the bottom piece of the hair clip. 

Now to attach the flower! Apply hot glue as shown in the pic above.  This is the base for your fabric flower.  Also apply hot glue to your fabric circle attached to your flower.  Pinch the two felt circles together.  I love how fast hot glue sets!
The finished product...

You will use the same concept to glue your fabric flowers to your headbands.

Two circles of felt, glue one to the back of your fabric flower, glue the other to the inside of your headband, wherever you want your fabric flower to be.  For my headband, (picture your headband as a clock) I'm attaching it at 2:00 (or 10:00) depending on which side you're going to put it on!

Apply hot glue to the top of your felt circle shown in the pic above (this is your base), and apply glue to your felt circle that is already glued to the back of your fabric flower.  Pinch the two felt circles together, and your fabric flower is good and attached!  

The finished product...
Stay tuned for a third tutorial that shows how to make this particular fabric flower shown in this finished product picture!

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