Tutorial: Using the Back Side of a Canvas

My idea to make this canvas actually came from a Halloween project I did for a ribbon pumpkin on the back of a canvas.  Since it works so well and looks cute, I decided to try it again to add some decor to my little girl's room. 

Using the back of a canvas creates a box effect, or a frame effect, I think that's why I like it!

Materials needed:
canvas (your choice of size! I'm using a square)
ruler (or cutting mat with measurements on it)
hot glue gun
ribbon and/or paint (a color that coordinates with your fabric)
wooden letter
optional: fabric flowers or other embellishments
To start out, I covered the wood on the back of the canvas with wide ribbon by hot-gluing it on.  The wood has an un-finished look to it, so I covered it with ribbon.  Any remaining wood that still showed, I painted with brown paint (the same color as my ribbon). Or you could just paint the wood and leave off the ribbon. 

I am actually re-using my ribbon pumpkin canvas, so you can see my glue marks where the ribbon was to make the round pumpkin shape!

 If the outer white canvas border and corner staples bother you, paint over them as well, prior to attaching the ribbon! I didn't mind them so I left it how it was.  It comes out fine at the end! 

Next, I measured the opening of my canvas, and cut out a piece of my fabric to match the size of the opening, so that the piece of fabric fits in there.  I have some amazing damask fabric that was given to me that I have been waiting to use. I just needed the perfect craft for it.  

When using a printed fabric, make sure you pay attention to the design and where you are cutting. If your fabric has big florals on it, choose one flower as the center of your measurements for cutting out.  For mine, I chose one area of the damask print, and centered around that when I cut out my fabric (easier to do when you're using a square canvas).

Fit your fabric into the opening. You can hot glue it into place, but I did not as my next step involves hot gluing and that will secure it enough.
 Take your wooden letter and hot glue it onto the center of your fabric.  Push down on your letter.
If you would like, add some embellishments to the corners of your frame!

Then you're done!
Stay tuned for more latest finds!!

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