Decorate for less...Wrapping paper Wall Arrangement

In continuation with my wrapping paper wall art, I'm putting old pictures and photo frames to to use again! For my last project, I found some damask wrapping paper I liked at Michael's, and covered a picture with it using spray adhesive.  You can view that post HERE!
While going through my closet of pictures and frames no longer in use, I found this frame set that we were given as a wedding present almost 6 years ago.

We used it the first few years on a bookshelf in our apartment, but I never found a good place for it in our new home. Plus...the only wood that is not white in our new home is our cabinets.

So, I brought out the rest of my wrapping paper, and the rest of my favorite color paint that I used on my last wrapping paper wall art project.
The only problem with these frames is that they were attached with two  hinges.
Nothing a tiny screwdriver couldn't fix!
I removed the screws and pulled off the hinges.
Two separate frames, ready for paint!

To paint the frames, I used Apple Barrel acrylic paint in "Cloudless" along with a black sponge brush.
While the paint dried, I cut out a piece of 5x7 wrapping paper, making sure to center a part of the design in the frame. 
After the paint was dry I put the wrapping paper in the frame, just like I would a picture.
I added the finished frames next to my other wrapping paper wall art!
Here's the wall arrangement now...

If you remember my first wrapping paper wall art post from last month (big square frame in pic above), I did have a wooden letter on there, but when I decided to make a picture arrangement, I peeled the letter back off.

Slowly but surely, my walls are getting decorated! After only 9 months of being in our new home... 
It's almost easier to take items you already have and turn them into the decor you would like to have! I honestly would have a hard time finding exactly what I want in the stores, so it's nice to just create the look myself by re-using items...not to mention cheaper.

To check out my other "Decorate for less" projects, click HERE!

Hope everyone is having a great week so far, I'm headed outside! Sunny and 72!

Stay tuned for more finds!
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