Dropcloth Ruffle Frame

Hi Latest Find readers!!

Today I'm sharing one of my recent projects using drop cloth!
I have seen lots of adorable projects out there using drop cloth, so when I made my pillow cover using drop cloth, I had some left over. 

I found a Dollar Store mirror from a few months back...a project I never finished. I got as far as painting the frame a pretty blue, but never got around to decorating it. 

So, I cut out a few strips of drop cloth slightly wider than my mirror frame, and got out a needle and thread.
 Using a needle, I weaved the thread in and out of the strip of drop cloth, down the middle (see above pic), creating a wide stitch.

Once I threaded all the way to the end of the strip, I knotted the thread so it wouldn't come out.

Then I pulled on the other end of the thread, while guiding the dropcloth down the thread to create a ruffle.
The ruffle can be as loose or bunched up as you want! The more bunched up your ruffle, the longer you need your strip of cloth to be.

Once I got the ruffle how I wanted it, I knotted the other end of the thread and hot-glued my strip of cloth onto the frame of the mirror.

I repeated for the other 3 sides of the mirror, and it was done! 
I used some white quilt binding I had on hand to create a rosette embellishment. But you can use ribbon to create a cute embellishment also...find that tutorial HERE!

And here's the finished product again!

Easy, in-expensive, and it doesn't take long to make! (I love that kind of project!)

Hope everyone is having a great week so far!

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