Digital Freebies Week...Day 6

Welcome to Digital Freebies Week...Day 6 of an entire week of new digital freebies!! 

Today's freebie is an 8x10 printable that you can print out or customize!

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8x10 Printable

The Create printable is an example of what you can do with the blank one! Add in your favorite saying, Bible verse, quote, song lyrics, just about anything.

To customize the blank version, just load the image into any design program that you use! If you don't have one, check out PicMonkey's website!
It's free with no registration required...just upload your image into PicMonkey (click "edit a photo"), then click the little "p" at the left side of the screen, and it will let you type on the picture! It's really easy to use...no graphic design skills required! =)

I have created an RGB color version and a CMYK color version for the Create printable and the blank customizable printable. 
All are high resolution 300DPI.

Which version of the image should you save? It depends!
The CMYK color version is ideal for printing out, and RGB color is better for seeing on the computer screen.
So....to print it out and frame, save the CMYK version.  To use on a website, save the RGB version.

 Note... To Save the image: click on the image first to bring up the full-size high resolution version, then right click to save! Save from the full size image, not the images below.

{create RGB}

{create CMYK}

{Blank RGB}

{Blank CMYK}

Hope you enjoy today's freebie!
Be sure to come back tomorrow for the final day of another brand new digital freebie! Hope you've enjoyed our week packed full of digital goodies!
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