DIY Headboard from Fence Panel

Well, it only took about 6 years...and we finally have a headboard!

We went into Home Depot with the intention of purchasing materials to build our own headboard, after looking at a few different styles online.

But there was one thing I noticed while walking around Home Depot, something that looked just like a style of headboard I wanted...a fence panel!

 Since I was going more for looks than sturdy heavy wood headboard anyway, I compared the price of this fence panel ($44) with materials we were thinking about purchasing to make our own headboard. 

 I decided on the fence!

It was plenty long enough width-wise for our queen size bed, that we trimmed some off of each edge with a table saw. I wanted the headboard to be about the same width as the mattress.

Trimming off the sides left raw edges, so we also got 2 long pieces of trim to attach to each side.

We left the trim slightly taller than the top of the fence to add the look of a headboard frame.

We also cut some off the bottom, because I didn't want my headboard to be quite so tall.

Here it is finished, my hubby was nice enough to hold it up for a second so I could snap a pic!

And here it is behind our bed!

I love that I was able to customize it somewhat by making it the length and width I wanted, and I picked out trim for the edges.

It's the look I wanted, without having to spend big bucks!
Six years later, and we now have our headboard!

Hope everyone is having a great Monday!!
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