Printable Christmas Gift Tags

Here's the first of our line of freebie printable Christmas gift tags!

These gift tags are 3in. by 2in., and ready to be printed!
These come in combinations of pink, red, green, and blue.
 We will include each one individually, in case you just want to save one, or print your tags all the same color.
  We will also include an 8.5x11 (landscape) printable with all 12 coordinating gift tags. Print as many sheets of these tags as you need!
Sticker paper is great for using to print gift tags! 

To download the full sheet of labels, click the image below and it will take you to the download.
{8.5x11 landscape Sheet of 12 labels, 3x2 each}

To save individual labels:
Click on any of the images below to view the bigger version of the image.
FROM THERE, right click to "Save As".  If you have any trouble saving these, feel free to email us at thelatestfind@gmail.com and we would be happy to email them to you.

{Individual labels, 3x2 each}

If you would like a printable sheet of 12 labels in just one of the above colors (all labels the same), email us at thelatestfind@gmail.com! We will make your custom printable sheet for purchase through our Etsy shop for $2.50.  Then you can print as many sheets as you need!
 Happy gift wrapping!

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Stay tuned for more digital freebies!