DIY Personalized Easter Bunny using Freebie Cutting File Set

It's Friday!

It's been awhile since our last Friday Freebie (though we've posted tons of freebies on other days also recently, be sure to check those out!).  Life with a homeschooler in Kindergarten, a preschooler, and a teething baby just doesn't slow down!

During today's nap time I was able to get started on creating a design I used with my Silhouette to create a shirt for my daughter to wear at her upcoming Easter party at preschool. 
I'm all about that personalizing!
For any of my design projects that come out fantastic, I'm happy to share with you with some free downloads! A successful finished craft project for me equals freebies for you! ;)
This freebie cutting file set for your Silhouette includes the bunny file personalized as shown above, as well as with a blank center.  The personalized file can give you an idea of letter/name placement, and the blank bunny gives you a bunny canvas all ready for personalizing (or just use the bunny shape by itself, either way!).  For my design, I used Sofia font for the capitol letter L, and Subway Regular font for the name. Feel free to use any of your favorite fonts!

This design gives you the option to use the outline of the bunny with the eyes, or the center of the bunny with the eyes cut out! 
Either way.

Included are the SVG format as well as the DXF format of the personalized bunny as well as the blank bunny.
These SVG files can only be loaded into the *Designer Edition* of studio, so if you have the standard edition, the DXF format will be your friend!

***Just select your shape, then turn on the cut lines...found in your cut settings.***

{At the download link you'll find a zip folder near the top left of the screen, just click on that!}

***Don't forget...if you have any letters or words on your design for heat transfer, make sure to flip the design around backwards.  I do this by right clicking on the design and choosing "flip horizontal".****

Hope you enjoy this freebie set!! Stay tuned because there's lots more freebies coming your way.  
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Check back soon! =) 

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