Free Monogrammable 8x10 Printables

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We love our freebie downloads for today!!
navy free printables initial personalized

We have for you a set of EIGHT blank center printables in fun preppy colors!!

These are 8x10 high resolution images ready for text, then ready for print!
free download preppy stripe printables for monogram circle monogram

Click the ribbon below to head to the download folder!
 {If for any reason you find that the download folder is empty or the link is expired, send us a message at lillyashleyetsy@hotmail.com with a link to this post so we can get it fixed pronto. Many thanks!!}

Typing on images does require some kind of program...but if you're unsure about programs, try PicMonkey website (free)!
It's like a simplified design program in website form.

Adding Text With PicMonkey:
2. Click on "Edit" towards top center of screen under gray square
3. Upload your file from where you saved it on your computer
4. Select the type icon "Tt" from menu that comes up on left.
5. Select from the fonts list which font you want to use.
6. Click "Add Text" at the top of the fonts list. Note that *some fonts* can only be used with PicMonkey's upgraded subscription.  But many can be used free! =D
7. Type on your image in the text box that comes up.
 8. Click "Save" at the top of the screen to save the edited image to your computer.
9. Print.

Tips and Hints for adding text with PicMonkey:
---Click off of the text box after typing to move the text box around, or make it bigger or smaller. Use the corners of the text box to re-size.
---To make each letter a different size, use different text boxes.  To start a new/second text box, click "Add Text" again.
---Another little box off to the side will pop up also.  That's where you can change the font color.
See the 000000 (or six digit/letter code if you've already selected a color) at the top right of that little box that pops up on the side? That's where you can type in a color code.  If you would like to match your monogram/initial to the colors used on the printables, you can do that!
Simply change the "000000" to one of the color codes below.
Here's the color codes you would use for each color...
Teal: 65c8d0
Navy: 26385d
Gray: 7e7e7e
Lime: 8cc63f
Pink: fc387e

Something to remember with colors: printed colors can vary from colors seen on screen.  Monitor settings vary, and printers have difficulty getting aqua/teal tones correct. Screens are much brighter than printed ink.

These printables also look great with a circle monogram, if you have a design program/circle monogram font!

For anchor printables with a circle center, check out this newly listed set in our design shop:

 We also have a big selection of cutting files (monogrammable anchors included!) so be sure to check those out HERE!

Also, you'll definitely want to check back through some of our latest posts because they are full of freebie downloads, from printables to cutting files to digital paper packs!

See you back here soon for more freebie downloads, you can count on more of these fun monogrammable printables to come!

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