Tutorial: Wrapping Paper Wall Art

Welcome to part 2 of Spring Decorating on a Budget!

Decorating definitely does not have to be expensive.  We've been in our home for less than a year, so I still have a lot of decorating to do! Instead of spending a huge amount of money, I came up with some ideas to add to my decor without spending a ton!

I have an older picture that is not used anymore, and it's been sitting in the closet.  I kept trying to think of what to do with it to re-use it. 

I thought about painting over it with a cute patterned stencil, but I just couldn't decide!

I've seen some various projects that use wrapping paper for other things than wrapping presents, so I thought about using that on the picture.  I've seen some pretty patterns of wrapping paper, so I headed out to see what I could find! Michael's had a pretty black and white damask roll for $3.99.  Normally I would never buy such a small roll of wrapping paper for $4, but since it's not for wrapping Christmas presents, I can be more sparing with it!

 My materials:
Old picture no longer being used
Roll of wrapping paper
Krylon Easy-Tack Repositional Adhesive (spray adhesive)
Wooden letter "G"
Command Damage-Free Hanging strips
Apple Barrel acrylic paint (color: Cloudless--my color this Spring!)

Here's my picture and my wrapping paper:
This wall picture may look familiar, it was a Kirkland's find! But I am no longer using red in my decor, so it's been sitting for awhile.

Time for a make-over! 

First I laid the wrapping paper on top of the picture, and centered it so I would have a distinct center damask line.  I pushed the wrapping paper down slightly on the edges of the picture, so that it would form a crease in the paper where I needed to cut it.  Following the creases, I cut out my piece of wrapping paper.

Then I took my materials outside to use the spray adhesive.  I covered the picture well with the spray, making sure to spray the edges and corners a little extra.

I borrowed the hubby for the next step, we each held two corners of the wrapping paper (since it tends to try to roll up) and placed it carefully down onto the picture, lining up the edges. The adhesive gives slightly before it dries, so you can slide the paper just a little if it's slightly out of place.

While pushing down on the paper, I slid my hand across it to remove any creases.

Color time!
The frame of the picture extends out past the actual picture part, so I decided to give that some color.

Since Apple Barrel's Cloudless Blue seems to be my color this Spring, I used that!
And when this happened:
I cleaned up the edges with a baby wipe.

While that was drying, I worked on painting my wooden letter "G".  Once all the paint dried, I used the spray adhesive on the back of the G, and added it to the corner of my picture.

Then I used the command strips to hang it on the wall!

Very in-expensive, since I already had the picture!

A pretty pattern with a pop of color, perfect for the living room wall.

Hope you're having a great week so far!

Stay tuned for more latest finds!

If you missed the first post from the Spring Decorating on a Budget series, you can view it HERE!

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