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Spring Decor Jars Cont'd...

This series is on how to re-use your empty food jars by turning them into Spring decor!
A continuation from THIS post, I'm revealing the "other" jar in the picture!

The previous post (link above) was about the Ragu jar, and this post is about the salsa jar (white jar above)! Pace salsa to be exact, if you weren't already able to figure it out from the jar shape! Pace definitely has a trademark jar shape!

Here's a before and after pic...

And here it is on the mantle!

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After washing/soaking the jar and letting it completely dry, I took the label off (not always easy!) and poured some paint into the jar.  I rolled the jar around so that the paint inside would spread all over the inside of the jar, covering all of the glass.  Once the inside was covered in paint, I set it upside down to let any remaining paint drip out.  I wiped off the top edge to clean it up some.  Once the paint is completely dry, I sprayed some finishing spray into the jar, and wrapped some twine around the top! I sealed the twine with hot glue, then added some spring flowers (a Michael's find!).  Then it was ready for display!

For tips on what kind of paint and finishing spray to use, see this post HERE.

If you missed the last jar re-do posts in this series, check them out!
Bertolli Alfredo Sauce Jar Re-do
Pickle Jar Re-do

Can you tell we eat a lot of Italian? Pasta is my favorite, by far.

But this project is a great way to upcycle jars that would normally be tossed.  And they're super-inexpensive because you already have the jar! I love re-using my food jars.  They make the perfect Spring decor. 

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