DIY Snowflake Jar

Back in the Spring, we posted a series about how to re-use empty food jars and turn them into decor for your home.

Using acrylic paint and a few other materials, we turned the empty glass jars into vases.

First we did a pickle jar:

Then we did spaghetti sauce jars and salsa jars:

Then we did an alfredo sauce jar:

Now that we're approaching the holidays, we are decorating for Christmas!
  So we're re-using spaghetti sauce jars again, and turning them into "Snowflake" Jars!

I knew my little ones would think it was a fun idea to have a "keepsake jar" for snowflakes, and the sparkly white glitter kinda reminds me of snow...thus a "snowflake jar". 

For the inside of the jar, I used these two items:
 Spray adhesive and glitter.
A sealer may also be used once you're done with the inside of the jar.

To start off, I wrapped some napkins around the outside of the jar, and secured them with a ponytail holder around the top of the jar, to keep the spray adhesive from getting on the outside of the jar.

I sprayed a light coat of adhesive through the opening of the jar, turning the jar as I sprayed to coat all the way around. 

Then I applied the glitter straight from the container, like I was shaking salt into the jar (rather than dumping glitter into the jar...it may pile up in the bottom). I also turned the jar as I shook glitter into it to get a nice even coat inside.

I actually repeated this process a few times, just to make sure the jar was nice and covered inside, and sparkly!

Once that was dry, I cut a piece of batting to add a cotton "snowy" touch and applied it around the rim of the jar.
I finished it off with a piece of raffia!
The end result...

I've been going all out with glitter this holiday season, and have more fun and inexpensive Christmas projects to share!

Stay tuned, more winter/Christmas decor coming up!
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