Thrifty Valentine Decorating

Happy Friday!! Who's ready for the weekend?

Now that it's officially February, I've started some Valentine decorating.  I was able to reuse a few pieces from last year to create Valentine decor for a shelf.

Last Spring I decorated a few glass jars and vases to have around the house in my Spring decor, and I particularly liked this glass vase I painted.  

My mother in law found it at a thrift store and gave it to me, knowing I had been painting glass jars and vases. (Find my tutorial for painting glass jars HERE)

I had also picked up a few inexpensive heart wreaths from Michael's last February, so I incorporated one of those onto my Valentine shelf as well, along with a plain white 8x8 canvas that I have yet to do anything with.

Here's my result!
  Simple, yet it adds a little pink and sparkle for Valentines.

Having pulled a decorated vase used in last year's Spring decor, a Valentine wreath used last year, and a plain canvas I have sitting around...I created a "new" Valentine shelf! Old pieces used in a new arrangement.

Always check your current stock prior to purchasing all new holiday or season decor! There may be a few pieces you can re-use in a new arrangement, which saves $$! That's always nice!

Be sure to save any sauce jars or food jars, they can be used in decor also...take my painted salsa jar for example:

My current home screen and lock screen:
Our other site is completely full of of designs we've created, all sized to fit your iPhone, iPhone 5, or iPad! (Android users...email thelatestfind@gmail.com and let us know your background screen choice along with your device name! We should be able to research screen size dimensions for your device, we'll create one for you!)

Don't forget freebie Valentine printables, which you can find HERE!
Website owners, find freebie Valentine decor for your site HERE!

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