Re-use Glass Food Jars for Spa Water

Happy Thursday!
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Today we're sharing an additional way to re-use your empty glass food jars.  There's so much that can be done with them!
spa water mason jar
spa water
I love all the mason jar projects, but I tend to lean towards glass food jars because they're...well....free! Sure, they were bought at the grocery store, but for what was inside, not the jar per say! So not only do I get crafty materials out of it, I get a meal!
Today we made french bread pizzas, and used a small jar of fire-roasted tomato pizza sauce (which I recommend, it was yum!).  Little did I know, under that paper label, was an actual mason jar!
spa water
 Measurement lines and everything.

With a little olive oil rubbed over the label and a scrubber, I had the entire label off within about 5 minutes.  And those ink-stamped expiration dates you usually find on the glass food jars...they come right off with nail polish remover.  We're talking no effort whatsoever, it wipes right off.

Here on the East Coast we've had unseasonably warm weather this week, compared to our unseasonably cold weather last week! That's just how it rolls in this area...
Yesterday we reached 90 degrees!
So with all this nice unbelieveably hot warm weather, I decided to try out some of that "Spa Water" I've been seeing recipes for. Fruit slices mixed in with ice cold water just sounds refreshing!

So in this heat, what better way to use my empty pizza sauce jar than for a glass of spa water? It comes with a lid so I can seal it while it "marinates" in the fridge.

I didn't use an actual recipe for my spa water, I just cut up slices of strawberry and kiwi and put that in the bottom of the jar, followed by a layer of ice, then topped with cold water. It's definitely best straight out of the fridge after it's had at least a few hours of marinating time. The longer the better! Just take off your jar lid and pop in a straw.  

spa water mason jar

My daughter was a fan of it as well, although she would rather reach her hand in the water to pull out the fruit slices to eat!

spa water mason jar
It's a million times better for you than a can of soda! I've been soda-free for over 6 months now, so I'm excited for a new beverage for the warmer months, other than my every-day iced coffee...

From my empty pizza sauce jar came a re-usable spa water glass (or iced tea, yum!).  Definitely check out your jars before tossing/recycling!
Here's some other ways we re-used various empty food jars last Spring....

These upcycle projects were such a simple way to re-use glass jars that are normally tossed after they're empty.  Fun, inexpensive, and completely customizable to match decor or various holidays.

Here's the links to view a how-to for each of our jar projects:
Pickle Jar Re-do

If you missed our freebie gray and yellow downloadable papers (including chevron, polka dot, and quatrefoil) grab those HERE!

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