Free Valentines for Classroom Valentines Day

Hey all! 
Life with three children now definitely keeps me busier than I thought! It's so much fun having a new baby in the house again though! 
And now...it's time to catch up on some freebies!

Valentines Day Free Printable

Let's start with a set of Valentine card printables for classroom! Since Valentines Day is in a few weeks, I whipped these up for my daughter to hand out to her preschool classmates.

They're 3x4 in size, four different styles to choose from...stripes, red with hearts, chevron, and pink with hearts:
Classroom Freebies

Included with this freebie Valentine set are the files for each individual card, and I've also created an 8.5x11 printable sheet with all four styles on it to make printing more efficient. 
Valentine Cards Preschool Kindergarten

These also have a back!
Printable Heart Cards

This step may require some experimentation with your printer, which is why I am including with this set two 8.5x11 images with "Side A" on one, and "Side B" on the other.  

You'll need to figure out which way to turn your paper after you've printed the fronts, so that you can print the backs of the cards on the opposite side of the paper, but not upside down.
Use these included image files named "Side A Paper Trial" and "Side B Paper Trial" to practice printing on regular printer paper so you won't have to waste a bunch of ink or nice paper.

For my printer, I printed the sheet of fronts on matte photo paper, since the front and back of a piece of matte photo paper are about the same as far as the surface of the paper.  Then I put that piece of paper back into the printer paper tray, with the printed image side facing UP, but turned around backwards (if that makes sense!). That way the backs ended up on the opposite side of the paper, going in the correct direction. But all printers aren't the same...

Once printed and cut, I made two small holes near the top to slide a sucker stick through.

And our Valentines are complete!

Classroom Worksheet Printables

{For use to print and distribute to classmates. No selling or commercial use and no distributing of files allowed}

Feel free to pin now, and download/print later!

And if you're in need of some Valentine digital paper for backgrounds, Valentine crafts, gift tags, frames, labels, 
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Check back soon for more freebies! Thanks for stopping by!!

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