Top 10 Digital Products to Sell Now | Quick Guide

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Selling digital products has become a popular way for entrepreneurs like myself to build businesses and earn passive income. With the ability to create products once and sell them repeatedly, digital products offer the flexibility to work from home and generate income around the clock. Whether you're looking for a side hustle or want to build a full-time online business, selling digital products provides an excellent opportunity to earn now and boost your income.

In this quick guide, I'll explore the top ten digital products that you can start selling today, right from the comfort of your own home. These products have the potential to generate steady revenue and provide a path to financial freedom. So, let's dive in and discover how you can build wealth by selling digital products!

Seven digital products you can start selling today

Key Takeaways:

  • Start selling digital products today to earn passive income and work from home.
  • Digital products can be created once and sold repeatedly without inventory or shipping hassles.
  • Selling digital products can be a profitable side hustle or a scalable online business.
  • Choose from a variety of digital product options, such as ebooks, online courses, and templates.
  • Maximize your earnings by leveraging online platforms and marketplaces to reach a wider audience.

What are Digital Products and Why Sell Them?

Digital products are intangible goods that exist in a digital format, offering a wide range of options for online entrepreneurs. Examples of digital products include ebooks, music, digital art, software, online courses, and virtual goods in video games. These products can be created once and delivered to customers via download or email, eliminating the need for physical inventory.

So, why should you consider selling digital products? There are numerous advantages to this business model:

  1. Value without physical inventory: Unlike physical products, digital goods don't require storage space or shipping, allowing you to focus on creating and selling your products.
  2. Low overhead costs: With digital products, you don't have to worry about manufacturing, packaging, or shipping costs. This significantly reduces your expenses and increases your profit margins.
  3. Potential to automate: Selling digital products allows you to automate the delivery process, freeing up your time to focus on marketing and scaling your business.
  4. High profit margins: Since the cost of production and delivery is low, the profit margins for digital products can be quite high.

Furthermore, the e-learning industry is experiencing rapid growth, making the sale of online courses and educational materials especially lucrative. The demand for digital products continues to rise, offering ample opportunities for online entrepreneurs to tap into this market and generate a sustainable income.


Where to Sell Digital Products?

When it comes to selling digital products, there are several options available to reach a wider audience and maximize your sales potential. Whether you prefer the convenience of online stores, the power of social media, or the exposure of digital marketplaces, each channel offers unique opportunities for seamless selling and promotion.

Sell on Your Own Online Store

If you want complete control over your digital product sales, consider creating your own online store. Platforms like Shopify make it easy to build and customize your store, while also providing integrations for seamless selling and management of your digital products. With your own online store, you can take advantage of personalized branding and tailor the shopping experience to your customers' preferences.

Promote on Social Media

Social media platforms offer a vast audience that can be tapped into for promoting your digital products. Utilize platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest to showcase your products, engage with your followers, and drive traffic to your online store. By utilizing social media tools for promotion, you can leverage your pre-established audience and reach potential customers who are already interested in your niche.

Leverage Digital Marketplaces

Digital marketplaces are established platforms where buyers and sellers come together to trade digital products. While these marketplaces may charge seller fees, they provide access to a pre-established audience and can potentially enhance your product's visibility. Platforms like Amazon, Etsy, and Gumroad are popular choices for selling digital products across various categories.

"By leveraging multiple selling channels, you can reach a wider audience and increase your chances of success in selling your digital products."

Consider a multi-channel approach to your digital product sales strategy. By leveraging multiple selling channels, you can reach a wider audience and increase your chances of success in selling your digital products. Choose the platforms that align with your target audience, product niche, and business goals.

online selling

With the right combination of online stores, social media promotion, and digital marketplaces, you can maximize your reach and generate more sales for your digital products. Take advantage of these various channels to boost your online business and tap into the potential of the digital market.

Top 10 Digital Products to Sell Online

When it comes to selling digital products online, there is a wide range of options to choose from. Whether you're looking to monetize your expertise, sell creative assets, or provide valuable resources to your audience, these top 10 digital products are highly profitable and in high demand.

1. Online courses

Create and sell monetized digital learning programs for multiple students. Online courses offer valuable knowledge and skills that can be shared with a wide audience.

2. Ebooks

Package your written content into digital formats that can be easily accessed and read on e-readers or mobile devices.

3. Licensed digital content

Offer licensed stock photos, video footage, music, or sound effects that can be used by individuals and businesses for various purposes.

4. Premium content libraries

Curate bundles of digital products that provide access to a catalog of resources such as ebooks, templates, graphics, and more, for a monthly or yearly subscription fee.

5. Digital templates and tools

Provide designers, marketers, and professionals with ready-to-use templates and tools to enhance their creative work and streamline their processes.

6. Product photography

Offer high-quality product photos that can be used by e-commerce businesses and brands to showcase their products effectively.

7. Music, art, and entertainment

Create and sell original music, artwork, and entertainment content that can be downloaded or streamed by enthusiasts and consumers.

8. Digital services

Deliver online services such as freelance work, consulting, or coaching sessions to clients, providing them with expert knowledge or assistance.

9. Printable digital products

Create print-at-home products such as planners, worksheets, and artwork that customers can easily download, print, and use at their convenience.

10. Digital memberships

Offer exclusive access to digital content, communities, or services through subscriptions, providing members with ongoing value and benefits.

These digital products cover a wide range of industries and cater to different customer needs. By exploring the possibilities within your niche, you can discover lucrative opportunities to sell digital products and generate a sustainable income online.


I believe that the potential for selling digital products is limitless. With the right mix of creativity, expertise, and market understanding, you can tap into a vast audience and establish a profitable online business.

Best Digital Product to Sell: Online Courses

When it comes to profitable digital products, online courses are the top choice. Online courses offer scalability, allowing you to create the course once and sell it to multiple students. This means that you can reach a wider audience and increase your potential profit margins.

One of the key advantages of selling online courses is the ability to set premium pricing. This is because online courses provide real transformation and valuable knowledge to students. Customers are willing to pay a higher price for access to expertise and skills that can truly make a difference in their lives.

Moreover, online courses require a low upfront investment compared to physical products. You don't need to worry about manufacturing, inventory, or shipping costs. All you need is your knowledge and expertise in a particular subject to create a course that delivers real value.

Another great thing about online courses is that you don't need any extra skills to get started. If you have expertise in a specific field, you can leverage that knowledge to create a highly profitable online course. With the right marketing strategies and platforms, you can attract students and generate a steady income.

Selling online courses has become a highly profitable venture for many entrepreneurs. With high potential profit margins, low upfront investment, and no extra skills required, online courses offer a lucrative opportunity to build your digital product empire.

Offering valuable knowledge and expertise to your audience through online courses can lead to a real transformation in their lives. Whether it's teaching a new skill, sharing industry insights, or providing personal development techniques, online courses have the power to make a lasting impact.

Ready to tap into the highly profitable world of online courses? Start creating and selling your own courses today to unlock the potential for scalability, premium pricing, and a highly profitable digital product business.

Other Profitable Digital Products to Sell

In addition to online courses, there are several other profitable digital products that you can sell to maximize your income. These products cater to diverse needs and interests, providing a wide range of opportunities for entrepreneurs like you. Here are some lucrative options:

Online Services

Offering online services such as coaching, consulting, or freelancing can be a highly profitable venture. With the rise of remote work and the gig economy, businesses and individuals are seeking specialized expertise and assistance in various areas. Leverage your skills and knowledge to provide valuable services and earn a steady income.

Customizable Templates

Customizable templates are in high demand among businesses, designers, and individuals looking to streamline their work processes. Graphic design templates, web design templates, resume templates, and more can save valuable time and effort for your customers. Create visually appealing and user-friendly templates that cater to specific needs, and watch your sales soar.

Software and Apps

The digital world relies heavily on software and apps to enhance productivity, efficiency, and entertainment. Develop software solutions and applications that solve problems or entertain users, and you'll find a lucrative market. With the continuous growth of the app industry, the potential for success in this field is immense.

Graphics and Digital Art

Visual content plays a crucial role in today's digital landscape. Graphics and digital art are in high demand for use in websites, social media posts, marketing materials, and more. Create captivating and high-quality graphics, illustrations, or digital art pieces to cater to the needs of businesses and individuals seeking to grab attention and engage their audiences.

Music and Audio

Music and audio products are not only popular among music enthusiasts but also businesses and content creators who require original soundtracks, jingles, or voice-overs. Whether you're a musician or sound engineer, selling your music compositions, sound effects, or audio recordings can be a profitable venture.


The demand for captivating photography is ever-present. From stock photos to customized photo packages for events or businesses, there are numerous opportunities to monetize your photography skills. Cater to different niches, such as nature, lifestyle, or product photography, and you'll find a market eager to purchase your work.


Video content has become a dominating force in the online world. Businesses and individuals are constantly looking for engaging video footage, animations, or video editing services. Whether you excel at videography or video editing, capitalizing on this visual medium can be highly lucrative.

By exploring these digital product opportunities, you can tap into various markets and cater to different customer needs. Choose a product that aligns with your expertise and interests, and leverage digital platforms to reach your target audience effectively.

Where to Sell Your Digital Products

When it comes to selling digital products, you have various options to choose from. You can sell them on your own website, utilize social media platforms, or tap into established digital marketplaces. Each option offers its own advantages and considerations.

Selling on Your Own Website

Selling your digital products on your own website gives you full control over your products and audience. You can create a customized online store that reflects your brand and showcases your digital offerings. With a self-created online destination, you can build a loyal customer base and establish your online presence as a trusted provider of trending digital products.

Having your own website also allows you to implement innovative features, such as native shopping features, which streamline the buying process for your customers. This can enhance the user experience and lead to more sales conversions.

Utilizing Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms provide a powerful avenue for promoting and selling your digital products. With a large user base and targeted advertising options, platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest offer immense potential for reaching a wider audience.

What makes social media platforms particularly valuable for digital product sellers is their native shopping features. These features enable you to showcase your products directly on your social media profiles, making it convenient for users to discover, explore, and purchase your offerings without leaving the platform.

Tapping into Established Digital Marketplaces

Online marketplaces offer access to a pre-established audience and can be an effective way to kickstart your digital product sales. Platforms such as Amazon, Etsy, and eBay have millions of users actively looking for various digital products.

While digital marketplaces provide a ready-made customer base, they often charge commission fees or transaction fees for each sale. It's important to carefully consider these fees when pricing your products to ensure you maintain profitability.

Platform Advantages Considerations
Own Website
  • Full control over your products and audience
  • Customized online store reflecting your brand
  • Implement native shopping features
  • Requires investment in website development
  • Marketing efforts to drive traffic to your website
Social Media Platforms
  • Large user base for wider reach
  • Targeted advertising options
  • Native shopping features for seamless selling
  • Platform policies and limitations
  • Competition from other sellers
Established Digital Marketplaces
  • Access to pre-established audience
  • Instant visibility and potential for sales
  • Established trust and credibility
  • Commission or transaction fees
  • Increased competition
  • Platform regulations and guidelines

Selling digital products is a fantastic way to generate passive income and establish a thriving online business. By employing effective strategies, digital products can become scalable and highly profitable. Whether you opt to sell online courses, ebooks, templates, or other digital goods, the opportunities for earning from the comfort of your own home and boosting your income are limitless. Start your side hustle today and tap into the immense potential of selling digital products.

With the increasing reliance on online platforms and the widespread demand for digital content, the market for digital products continues to expand. By leveraging your skills, knowledge, and creativity, you can create digital products with value and appeal to customers worldwide. The allure of passive income and the flexibility of working from home make selling digital products an attractive choice for entrepreneurs and individuals looking to supplement their income or pursue a full-time online business.

By carefully crafting your digital products and implementing effective marketing and distribution strategies, you can build a sustainable business that generates consistent revenue. The scalability of digital products allows you to reach a broader audience without incurring significant additional costs. Furthermore, the absence of physical inventory and shipping requirements minimizes the overhead expenses associated with traditional businesses, resulting in higher profit margins.

Embrace the power of digital entrepreneurship and turn your passion, expertise, or hobbies into profitable digital products. Take advantage of the emerging trends in the online marketplace and capitalize on the growing demand for convenient and accessible digital content. With dedication, perseverance, and a customer-centric approach, selling digital products can provide you with a fulfilling and prosperous online business venture.


What are the top digital products to sell online?

The top digital products to sell online include online courses, ebooks, licensed digital content, premium content libraries, digital templates and tools, product photography, music, art, and entertainment, digital services, printable digital products, and digital memberships.

Why should I sell digital products?

Selling digital products allows you to earn passive income, work from home, and build your own online business. They offer low overhead costs, high profit margins, and the potential for automation.

Where can I sell digital products?

You can sell digital products through self-created online stores, on social media platforms, or on established digital marketplaces. Platforms like Shopify allow you to easily build your own online store, while social media platforms offer native shopping features for promotion. Online marketplaces provide access to a pre-established audience.

What is the best digital product to sell?

Online courses are considered the most profitable digital product to sell. They offer scalability, high profit margins, and require a low upfront investment. Additionally, they don't require any additional skills beyond the knowledge and expertise of the course creator.

What are some other profitable digital products to sell?

Other profitable digital products to sell include online services such as coaching, consulting, or freelancing, customizable templates for various purposes, software and apps, graphics and digital art, music and audio, photography, and video.

Where should I sell my digital products?

You can sell your digital products on your own website, through social media platforms, or on established online marketplaces. Selling on your own website gives you full control, while social media platforms offer easy promotion. Online marketplaces provide access to a pre-established audience but may charge commission fees.

How can I start selling digital products?

To start selling digital products, you can create your own online store using ecommerce platforms like Shopify, promote your products on social media, or list them on digital marketplaces.

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