Stitched Social Media Icons...Aqua Tones

Hey Latest Find readers!

Here's a brand new style of social media icons for you! We're working on more colors, so check back!

This is the stitched icon in aqua/blue tones!

Grab the HTML code or link for these icons HERE. When you get to that page, hover your mouse over any of the icons and a dropdown will show up with the HTML code, direct link, and image link. 

Or if you click on any of the icons below (from this page), you can view the individual icon in the album.  From there, you can right click the icon to "save as" if you want to save the image.  Or, find the HTML code or direct link/image link on the right side of that page under the word "Links".

Bright Aqua:
Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

Feel free to mix up the aqua icons, use a few of each shade! 

Also check out the gray tones for the stitched icon HERE!
We have so many more colors for this icon already made, it's just a matter of getting them up on the site! Check back often as we gradually add more!

Previously with our icons we listed HTML codes for all of the icons here, but as it is very time consuming, this method will enable us to provide way more styles and icons of colors for you.

If you're not familiar with our freebie website icons, here's a few examples of what we've created...
View solid icons HERE
View styled icons HERE

Be sure to check back as we add more icons, especially next week...
See you soon!